Family Code of the Philippines: Effects of a Defective Marriage

 provisions in favor of the offending spouse made in the will of
the innocent spouse shall be revoked by operation of law.
Art. 64. After the finality of the decree of legal separation, the
innocent spouse may revoke the donations made by him or by her in
favor of the offending spouse, as well as the designation of the latter
as beneficiary in any insurance policy, even if such designation be
stipulated as irrevocable. The revocation of the donations shall be
recorded in the registries of property in the places where the
properties are located. Alienations, liens and encumbrances registered
in good faith before the recording of the complaint for revocation in
the registries of property shall be respected. The revocation of or
change in the designation of the insurance beneficiary shall take effect
upon written notification thereof to the insured.
The action to revoke the donation under this Article must be
brought within five years from the time the decree of legal separation
become final.


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