How to file a complaint for Online Libel or Libel under Anti Cyber Crime law?

Looking to file an online libel or defamation complaint under the Anti Cyber Crime law? If you’re certain an online post or publication involves defamatory content about you, follow these steps to file your complaint effectively:

1. Identify Libelous Content: The primary elements to consider an online post or publication as libelous are:
– A discreditable allegation concerning another person
– The content has been posted or published online
– The person defamed is identifiable
– Malice is clearly evident

2. Collect Relevant Evidence: The most crucial step in filing a complaint is to gather all necessary evidence. This may involve taking screenshots of the defamatory post or publication and obtaining the sworn affidavit of a third party who has viewed or read the contentious content.

3. Legal Consultation: Once all your evidence is in place, seek advice from a legal professional, either from public services or private practice. They can assist in drafting a Complaint Affidavit or Sinumpaang Salaysay.

4. File the Complaint: Once the Complaint Affidavit is drafted, you should file it in the Office of the Prosecutor for Preliminary Investigation. They will review your claim and decide on the next course of action.

Taking these steps promptly can help ensure your complaint about online libel or defamation under Anti Cyber Crime law is addressed effectively. Be sure to consult a legal professional to guide you throughout this process.


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