No prescribed form or religious rite for the solemnization of marriage is required. (Art. 6) The couple’s written agreement where they declare themselves as husband and wife, signed by them before a judge and two capable witnesses, even though it was independently made by them, still counts as a valid ceremony. [Martinez v Tan, (1909)]

Minimum requirements prescribed by law: (AP-PMS)
(1) Appearance of contracting parties personally before the solemnizing officer [Art. 3]
(2) Personal declaration that they take each other as husband and wife. [Art. 3]
(3) Presence of at least two witnesses of legal age. [Art. 3]
(4) The declaration shall be contained in the Marriage certificate. [Art. 6]
(5) Marriage certificate shall be Signed by the contracting parties and their witnesses and attested by the solemnizing officer. [Art. 6]