Annulment of Marriage in the Philippines

Annulment of Marriage in the Philippines is the designation given by the common people to all court proceedings concerning dissolution of marriage. Nevertheless, the truth is annulment proceedings are only those cases within the purview of Article 45 of the Family Code of the Philippines. The other proceeding is the declaration of absolute nullity of marriage or just nullity of marriage in short, which is within Article 35 (Absence of Formal and Essential Requisites of Marriage), Article 36 (Psychological Incapacity) Article 37 (Incestuous Marriages) and Article 38 (Void by reason of Public Policy) of our Family Code.

Annulment of Marriage is a legal process under Philippine law to cut the marital union between a husband and wife. Annulment of marriage reasonably presumes that the marriage was existing and valid, and It remains effective up to the time of the Court annulled it.


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